IBA and BOD completed the first milestone in the construction project of the new Radiopharmaceutical Laboratory in the Cancer Centre in Santo Domingo. BOD develops the design and construction management of the new vault and other facilities of the new laboratory for the production of radiopharmaceuticals needed for the diagnostic imaging of cancerous tumours using high resolution equipment.

IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.), the world leader for the supply of PET & SPECT cyclotrons for radiopharmaceuticals production, and BOD, leader in design, project and construction management of pharmaceuticals facilities, carried out the transportation and rigging of the cyclotron into its permanent location—cyclotron vault.

BOD developed the detailed design of the facility and, currently, is developing the construction management of the new Radiopharmaceutical Laboratory in the Rosa Emilia Tavares Centre following the requirements and prescriptions of IBA.

The project includes the design and construction of a new laboratory in the Hospital and the installation of the vault for the cyclotron, the reinforced door, warehouses, FDA laboratory and quality controls rooms and other facilities.

BOD is one of Spain’s most prestigious firms providing architecture & engineering design for large and complex building projects in the pharmaceutical industry and industrial buildings and hospitals. With 10 years of experience, an integrated team of 40 modellers and more than 2 million sq. m modelled, BOD is a pioneer in BIM technology and can proudly state that it is a BIM ruled company.

The turnkey project for the new Radiopharmaceuticals Laboratory at the CIMEQ Hospital in Havana, the New Al-Ain Hospital in Abu Dhabi, the BIM modeling and pre-construction of the laboratory for the production of Radiopharmaceuticals in Tenerife, are some of the large projects that have been developed by BOD.