VIRTUAL CONSTRUCTION. We facilitate cost and schedule fulfilment via modeling, which guarantees the constructibility of projects, eliminates errors and ensures that the contract documentation is complete, transparent and unambiguous.

PRESS AND MEDIA. BOD is a world leader with over 50 clients in the sector. We have specialized in the design, construction and installation of media centres since the 90s.

GERIATRIC CARE HOMES. BOD'S work has been recognized by GRUPO JUBILO with the award of the Prize for Excellence in the Conception and Design of Residential Care Homes.

REAL ESTATE. Urban planning, real estate management, viability planning, architecture and facilities management.

PHARMACEUTICAL. We take on a diverse range of projects in the industrial sector, including industries as sophisticated as pharmaceuticals. We work alone or in cooperartion with specialist engineering companies.

LOGISTICS AND ARCHIVES. Warehouses and logistic centers for the press, pharmaceutical, transport, aeronautical and industrial processes sectors.