Líderes en BIM - Building Information Modeling

BOD offers services throughout the three stages of project development, orientated towards strategy, business development and the efficiency of the installations. We are involved in all the stages of transformation of the business as well as in the implementation of the solution.

We offer a complete range of services for a wide range of buildings and installations such as Printing works, Pharmaceutical logistics, Radio-pharmaceutical plants and corporate headquarters.

We analyse and design the strategy and appropriate solution, issues relating to business development and we accompany the client throughout the process including the construction phase, installation implementation and initial installation.


Architecture, BIM building modeling, urban planning, licenses and interior design.


Structural engineering, civil engineering, seismic design, modeling and structure optimization.

Building Systems

Electrical, lighting, air-conditioning and all types of industrial installations.


We guarantee the constructability of all our designs as well as our adherence to cost & time frame. Client Support / PM

Asset Management

Facilities management, optimization and maintenance. Cutting-edge,technology-based services.


Strategic analysis of energy needs. We contribute towards competitive and sustainable development.

Turnkey Projects

As “Prime Contractor” we provide everything for your new installation.