What is Bimux?

BIMUXTM is BOD’s Cloud Based Solution for owners and asset/property managers.

BIMUXTM allows to unleash all the potential of your BIM Models for your day to day needs as Owner or asset/property manager. It is specially designed so that it can integrate any third-party ERP or Asset/Property Management system with your BIM 3D Models and with the documental repository of your organization.

With its intuitive interface, it naturally will become the single point of access of all the data owners and asset/property managers need in order to take the best decisions.

Bimux, the best choice for the real estate portfolio manager

Only one tool to manage all your assets

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Bimux is an app developed by Bod

With more than 35 years of experience, BIMUX is leading the implementation of BIM. It is the main architectural business in Spain in the digital transformation of the construction industry.