BOD, the Spanish company specializing in the development of architecture and engineering solutions applied to complex projects of relevant buildings, has designed for Gestilar, the Isla de Cortegada promotion design, the company’s seventh new construction project in Valdebebas. The urbanization is located between the Avenida de Juan Antonio Samaranch and the Calle Fina de Calderón, and is for its avant-garde design, as well as, for its quality details, one of the reference projects in this area of ​​Madrid.

BOD has developed a 10-storey building (two of buildings and eight of dwellings) organized on two stairwells and through houses, with the advantage of having double orientation.

Formally, the building is configured with two overlapping pieces, where the premises form a powerful basement of two floors on which the body rests the houses. BOD has given a different architectural treatment to these two volumes, so that the houses seem to float on the base of the commercial premises.

The envelope of the building in its upper part, uses the terraces as a characteristic element. The terraces are configured from broken and independent planes, and provide, in addition to outstanding views, an iconic image to the building, which contrasts in materials and form with the lower base of the commercial premises.

Inside the houses, the living areas (such as living rooms, kitchens and terraces) are oriented to the public space to the South, with the intention of expanding the visual horizons, the terraces being spacious spaces to give continuity to the interior spaces. On the other hand, the bedrooms are dumped on the common interior space of the plot, which will be a more peaceful and protected environment.

The accesses to the houses and garages are made from Fina Calderón Street (East), with the portals of the houses accessible from the interior urbanization, and the access to the parking taking advantage that it is the topographically lower part. The premises will be accessible from the front of Avenida Juan Antonio Samaranch, the main artery of Valdebebas.

The interior urbanization has been conceived as a space for the owners to enjoy, locating the south facing pool to take advantage of the best daylight hours of the day, and common services, such as the gym or the children’s play area, integrated into the spaces interior walk and flanked by green and landscaped areas.