The promoter of the project is Lisong Investments, specialist in hotel developments under the most contemporary concepts and adapted to the new demands of the market

 BOD will conduct a coordinated BIM model that will include architecture, structures and facilities, and minimize risks during the work. In addition, once completed, the owner company will be in a position to manage more accurately and efficiently the use of this real estate asset

  BOD, the Spanish company specializing in the development of architectural and engineering solutions applied to complex projects of relevant buildings, has been commissioned by Lisong Investments to carry out the digital preconstruction through BIM of its new hotel and golf club located in Pollença, Palma of Mallorca.

Lisong Investments is a specialist in hotel developments under the most contemporary concepts and adapted to the new demands of the market. Once the modeling project is completed, which will include architecture, structures and facilities, it will be ensured that the projects of the different participants will be coordinated among them, in order to minimize the problems and deviations in the work.

In coordination with IHP, project manager and a multidisciplinary team made up of architects (Estudio Virseda Vila), engineering firms (Eadat Instalaciones), interior designers (OTOstd), landscapers and LEED consultants, BOD will carry out in a first phase a model that will represent the preconstruction of all these projects, in a process that will replicate the constructive processes in order to anticipate discrepancies among them, coordinate them and implement them, so that the bidding of the works and the beginning of them will be from a documentation as free as possible of errors.

In addition, this model will be used to extract measurements that are as faithful as possible to reality, and perfectly coherent with the project’s graphic information. The review of the measurement will not only be carried out from a quantitative point of view, based on the quantities reflected in the project, but also BOD will conduct a qualitative review based on its experience in this type of works, to which The advantage of having an integrated multidisciplinary team, which is part of its staff, is added.

In order to enhance the documentary consistency, traceability and integrity of the information during the production of the federated BIM model, BOD will manage a common data environment (CDE-common data environment) for the exchange and collaborative work of information. The team will also establish the BIM execution plan, which will coordinate the monitoring of the project (methodology and processes, deliverables, nomenclature, etc.), as well as reviewing and checking the quality of the work carried out.

The hotel and golf club project in Pollença has an area of ​​approximately 4,960 m2 for the golf club and garage building and 4,390 m2 for the hotel building.