The design, which combines modernity and tradition, has been inspired by the traditional buildings of Cantabria

BOD, the architecture and engineering company specializing in complex projects of relevant buildings, has been commissioned to carry out the project of the new factory-workshop of sobaos and quesadas of the company Joselín in Selaya. This is a new facility, inaugurated last Thursday with the presence of the president of Cantabria, Miguel Angel Revilla, which will allow the Cantabrian firm to make compatible its strong growth with respect for tradition and the essence of its products.

The design made by BOD, following the requirements set in advance by Joselín, was conceived as a joint project of the building, which was to offer solutions for both the architectural and engineering aspects of facilities, as well as for the industrial process.

The project responded to the need posed by Joselín to automate manual processes that would not add value to the product and create spaces that would favor the meeting with the public, such as a new store, a tasting cafeteria, rooms for the realization of gastronomic workshops and a museum to understand the pastry tradition.

One of the most characteristic features of Joselín’s new workshop is its ability to combine modernity and tradition. In this sense, the architectural design has been inspired by the traditional buildings of Cantabria. The new facilities are architecturally configured as a set of terraced houses that are grouped in a row, but that maintain their individualized volume thanks to small setbacks in the different building bodies.

Also, from the technical point of view, the workshop has been designed with a very demanding thermal insulation system in order to achieve a low energy demand.

A BOD is due over the last 30 years the design of some of the most complex and notorious corporate buildings that have been made in Spain and abroad. Specifically in Cantabria, it has carried out the BIM model of the Exhibition Building of the Botín Foundation in Santander.