building outstanding designs

The quality of our team is the key for the success of our projects.

We believe great building projects are born out of the close integration between architecture and engineering.

Thus, Bod has experts in all the key subject areas (architecture, structures, mechanical, electrical) needed to ensure success in our customer’s project.


Javier Bartolomé

Partner, CEO

I share my passion for technology and a long-term corporate vision, as well as the commitment to create first-class organisations governed by integrity, open communication and support to the professional development and growth of the team.


Pablo Anaya Rojas

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Lover of challenges, more if it means innovating and growing along the way.


Nacho Ortiz Alonso

Partner, Chief Production Management

I face each project as if were the first.


Oscar Albarrán Lázaro

Manager of Headquarters, Hotels &Retail

Broad experience coordinating all disciplines throughout all the project and construction phases.


Verónica Guisasola Muñiz

Manager of Pharma, Logistics & Industry

Keeping projects under control without compromising management agility.


Alvaro de Prado Leal

Manager of Architecture, Manager of Citizens & Family Spaces

Experience devising and drafting tenders and projects, always seeking the best possible solutions for each case.


Laura Díaz Gómez

Partner, External Relations Management

The faith in cooperation and teamwork stemming from my experience.


Oscar Cabana

Manager of Electrical Installations

I specialise in coordinating and organising the work of our engineers in different subject matters to ensure a consistent outcome.


Juan Ángel Vázquez

Manager of Mechanical Installations

I contribute my knowledge and common sense to the pursuit of the best and most cost-effective solutions ensuring the requested functionality.


Ignacio Moscoso del Prado

Manager of Structures

I bring in concern and experience to ensure competitive and buildable solutions capable to fulfil the project’s needs.


Pablo Calzada

Digital Transformation Services

Self-motivated and committed worker with good predisposition to work as a fellow member of a team or lead it under difficult conditions. Excellent learning ability, perseverance and accountability.


Patricia Gutiérrez

Chief Financial Officer

Contributing to a climate of stability and trust, that facilitates our Business Project.

partnerships with leading firms

Partnership with firms pioneering in the design of buildings based on BIM technology

ITech Management Consultancy, with offices in Abu Dabi, Dubái, Doha and Sidney, joins BOD’s network of international partners in Spain, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

As a company mainly focused on delivering to its customers a product resulting from the integration of state-of-the-art BIM technology with the managements of the associated data.

Strategical partner for complex infrastructures

CALTER is an structural consultancy film founded in 1997, with almost 20 years of experience in projects involving large and complex structures worldwide.

This partnership enables us to successfully handle full projects in different areas, such as infrastructures for public services: ports, airports and railways, and special, large-area or high seismic risk structures.

we are a growing international firm